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Independent Specialist Medical Aesthetics Clinic

Neilston & Barrhead
South Glasgow

Anti wrinkle and dermal filler treatments or a subtle lip enhancement— Beautiform Aesthetics® are here to assist and guide you in your aesthetic care...

We offer a unique and very personalised aesthetic service designed around you, the patient.

  • Complete confidentiality
    It's just you and your aesthetic nurse practitioner.
  • Receptionist free
    Direct contact with your practitioner at all times.
  • Well spaced treatment sessions
    Quiet and relaxed treatment service.

Beautiform® Patient Treatments

Our Staff

Picture of Aesthetic nurse sitting behind a desk. she is wearing a black dress with a beautiform Aesthetics badge, smiling

Aesthetic Nurse Independent Prescriber:

Jacqueline Cooney

BSc Nursing.
Dip Adult Nursing.
Nurse Independent Prescriber.

Jacqui has had a long career in medical care with a strong focus on facial anatomy and skin care.

Expert in her medical knowledge Jacqui is a very experienced Nursing Sister and a Nurse Independent Prescriber, this coupled with her artistic flair ensures you receive a safe, professional and enhancing aesthetic service.


  • Jacqui has her own aesthetics training academy 'SENSA Medical Aesthetics Academy' and instructs and teaches Doctors, Dentists and Nurses in the practice of delivering safe aesthetic procedures.
  • Jacqui recieved a commendation Award, voted as a 'Rising Star' by forty UK aesthetic industry leaders at 'The UK Aesthetics Awards, London 2022!'
  • Masterclass trained in Juvéderm® Aesthetic MDcodes® by 'World renowned Plastic Surgeon Mauricio de Maio, London 2019!'
  • Trained in Aesthetics by Mr Taimur Shoaib, Senior Plastic Surgeon and Founder of La Belle Forme Clinic, voted 'Safest Plastic Surgeon UK, Health in Beauty Awards, London 2018!'
  • Trained in Aesthetics at La Belle Forme Clinic.'UK Aesthetics Awards Small Clinic Award Winner, 2017!'
  • Rehabilitation Nursing Sister at Barrhead Health Centre
  • Community Nurse at Barrhead Health Centre
  • SGH Oral Maxillofacial
  • RAH Emergency surgical
  • SGH Dermatology
  • Qualified Registered Nurse
  • Qualified Dental Nurse
  • Qualified Artistic designer

Clinic Safety

Health Improvement Scotland logo, blue and white

We are registered with Healthcare Improvement Scotland and regulated to safely deliver aesthetic treatments to patients within our clinical setting.

Healthcare Improvement Scotland: is the Scottish Government body dedicated to patient safety and the regulation of Independent Clinics.

  • Always— a Free 'Face to Face' prescriber consultation.
  • Always— Beautiform® Medical grade numbing cream for every injectable treatment.
  • Always— a Free two week follow up consultation.

Aesthetic Treatments

Beautiform® Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

A picture of the forehead of a beautiful woman with no wrinkles. she has recieved botox treatment

Beautiform® Anti-wrinkle treatments reduce dynamic and static lines on the suface of your skin. Common areas to be treated are the frown area (Glabella), forehead (Frontalis) and crows feet around the eyes (Orbicularis Occuli). Effects of this treatment can also reduce tension headaches and excessive sweating (hyperhydrosis).


Beautiform® Dermal Filler Treatments

Picture of beautiful woman who has recieved dermal fillers to her face, soft smooth skin

At Beautiform® we only use Juvéderm® Hyaluronic Dermal Fillers which are constructed of a substance called Hyaluronic Acid(HA) delivered within a dissolvable carrier gel.

A natural sugar chain molecule, Hyaluronic acid is naturally produced and stored in your skin and then absorbed by your body. Hyaluronic acid retains water volumising, lifting and improving the surface of your skin.

Unlike fillers produced in the past, using these new Hyaluronic Acid fillers ensure your safety as they can be immediately dissolved at any time with a substance called Hyaluronidase. This substance can only be sourced and administered by medical professionals.

Our most popular treatment is the Cheek Enhancement using 2ml Voluma®. This treatment replaces lost volume in the cheek area and subsequently lifts the lower face, reducing sagging while also improving the undereye area and the lines from the nose to the corner of the mouth (Naso Labial Folds).


Beautiform® Lip Fillers

Picture of a beautiful womans pink lips, she has recieved lip filler Juvaderm

Beautiform® Lip Filler products are of the same family of HA Dermal filler that we use to enhance and volumise other areas of the face. When having a lip enhancement procedure from our Beautiform® practitioner, to ensure your safety and satisfaction, the volume of the lips will be built up gradually. This will allow for a more natural look. Our practitioner has a keen eye for symmetry and definition.


Beautiform® Prescription Skin Treatments

Beautiform® Luxury Face Peel

Picture of a product box with six small vials containing chemical face peel for customers in Barrhead and Glasgow

At Beautiform® we use the Obagi Blue Peel RADIANCE® which is formulated to be used on all skin types. It is a chemical peel of salicylic acid, lactic acid and glycolic acid suitable for acne prone skin, aging skin, uneven skin tones and skin that lacks laxity and texture. It is proven to result in tighter and brighter looking skin and it takes only ten minutes to apply.

Perfect for those special occasions where you want to look your best.


Skin ‐ Nu Derm System®

Picture of a product box and bottles, white and trimmed with gold. Obagi Nu Derm System skin cream.

At Beautiform Aesthetics® after consultation with our Practioner we are able to offer you a range of Obagi Medical® products at prescription strength, which will transform and maintain your skin. These systems treat moderate to severe hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkle and adult acne and can prevent loss of your skin's youthful glow.

Each system will be tailored to your needs by our Nurse prescriber and involve an 18-24 week programme to fully transform your skin.


Skin ‐ Prevent and Protect

Picture of a product box and bottles, white and tried with gold. Obagi C RX System skin creams

Your skin is the largest organ in your body and the most visible that’s why at Beautiform Aesthetics® we are offering a range of Obagi® skin products to prevent and protect your skin from damage. Facial skin damage can occur from exposure to the sun's rays and by using these products you can prevent the early signs of ageing, including specific products which target around the eye area to help you achieve lighter, brighter and more youthful looking skin.

Each system will be tailored to your needs by our Nurse prescriber and involve an 18-24 week programme to fully transform your skin.


Skin ‐ Acne

Picture of a product box and bottles, white trimmed with silver. Obagi Acne CLENZIderm System

Beautiform Aesthetics® also offer a range of speciality Obagi Medical® products these products can treat mild to moderate inflammatory or non inflammatory acne, open pores and oily skin and prevent premature ageing and preserve youthful skin. Some of these treatments are prescription strength and the sun shield offers complete protection from both UVA and UVB sun damage. The sun shield also has a warm and cool tint for different skin tones and gives your skin a lasting glow while protecting it from damage.

Each system will be tailored to your needs by our Aesthetics Nurse Prescriber and involve an 18-24 week programme to fully transform your skin.


Beautiform® Advice service

Large image of book flicking open with a purple overlay colour, questions about Botox and Botox and dermal filler, barrhead and glasgow

We are always here to answer your questions. Our most common question is...

What is Botox® and how long does it last or what is the difference between Botox® and Dermal Filler?

Botox® is a brand name for Botulinum toxin which prevents the release of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, causing a temporary paralysis of the muscle resulting in a reduction of active and passive wrinkles on the surface of the skin. Botulinum toxin was first used in 1977 to treat problems in eye muscles. Treatments last for three to four months. There are other brands but Botox® is synonymous in the Aesthetics industry for its length of use and safety record.

Feel free to contact us for professional advice and assistance.

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