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Beautiform Aesthetics® Prescription Skin Treatments

Skin ‐ Prevent and Protect

Beautiform Aesthetics® Prescription Strength Skin ‐ Prevent and Protect Skin Treatments can maintain and minimise the signs of fine lines and ageing.

Our Aesthetics nurse prescriber will consult, advise and assist you in your skin care every step of the way...

We are passionate about providing a responsible clinic service and as such we will always offer an alternative to injectable treatments so that clients have a choice on how they want to improve the Aesthetic care of their skin.

Beautiform® Prescription Skin Treatments

Skin ‐ Prevent and Protect

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Obagi C RX System® Firmer, Smoother, Brighter-looking skin

Obagi C RX System® products formulated with vitamin C are developed to minimise the signs of fine lines and ageing with its antioxidant properties and role in natural collagen production and ability to help with UVB sun damage. Some of these products contain luminating properties to create optical blurring of eye lines and reduce the appearance of shadowing and puffiness around the eye area.

Obagi Medical® have a lovely range of tinted sun shields to suit every skin tone, protecting from both UVA and UVB rays while giving the added bonus of a tint to act as a nice make up base.

Obagi Medical® also provide hydrating moisturisers to protect our skin from dryness which is linked to early signs of ageing and fine lines and wrinkles giving skin a tired lack lustre appearance. This can be reversed with the correct skin care plan.

Contact us at Beautiform Aesthetics to find an Obagi skin care range to suit you and prevent and protect your skin from showing the early signs of ageing.

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