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Beautiform Aesthetics® Dermal Filler Treatments

Dermal Filler— Beautiform Aesthetics® will assist and guide you in your aesthetic care...

Dermal fillers are injectable products used to fill out the wrinkles that are caused by the natural ageing process and can re-create volume and definition to these areas. As we age our skin loses elasticity and volume and our bones also shrink, causing facial skin to sag.

At Beautiform aesthetics we use the Juvéderm® range of dermal fillers as they have been on the market for many years and carry a very high safety record. These fillers are made of Hyaluronic acid, a substance that is natural to your body. Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are not permanent and dissolve over time, usually lasting from around 9 months to two years depending on the product used.

At Beautiform aesthetics your safety is our upmost concern so we do not advocate the use of permanent fillers as they can carry high risks and cannot be easily dissolved if any complications occur.

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Treatment Area

Our most popular treatment is the Cheek Enhancement using 2ml Voluma®. This treatment replaces lost volume to the cheek area while also reducing sagging to the lower face, improving the undereye area and the lines from your nose to the corner of the mouth (Naso Labial Folds) which can also be further refined.

Treatment procedure

Step 1 - Consultation

Simply request a free face to face consultation with Jacqui our Beautiform Aesthetics® practitioner and together you can develop your treatment plan. Your clinic Personal Care Record(PCR) will be created to accurately record and store your clinical records. We will then arrange a time for you to have your treatment.

At Beautiform Aesthetics® we will always give you time between your consultation and treatment. We care that you are given the time to fully understand and consider your treatment.

Step 2 - Treatment

We have a purpose built medical clinic room where we deliver all our treatments from. This is a room extended from a private residential house with a private entrance door at the side of the building.

Although the dermal filler injections are not overly painful, we will apply a prescription grade numbing cream using our 'Double numbing technique' to the treatment area to reduce sensitivity and make your treatment comfortable.

You will receive injections as detailed in your PCR care plan. A series of small injections of the filler will be applied to the area to be treated. Your practitioner may also massage the area treated. Treatment will take approximately twenty minutes.

A record of your treatment will be recorded in your PCR and you will be given advice and support to ensure that you are well informed regarding the aftercare of your treatment area. It is normal to be a little swollen, tender and red for 24 hours after the treatment but this will settle quickly.

The effects of your treatment will be seen immediately. Over the next two weeks the Hyaluronic acid filler will bind in water and you will gradually see the full effect and volumisation of your treatment after 14 days. Surface lines and wrinkles at your treatment area will be smoother in appearance.

At Beautiform Aesthetics® we do not administer larger amounts in one sitting as it carries more risk and can result in unexpected results.

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Step 3 - Follow up

At Beautiform Aesthetics® we want you to have the best possible aesthetics experience therefore a free aftercare follow up appointment will be given with all treatments.

Around 14 days after your treatment date your Beautiform Aesthetics® Practitioner will assess your treatment.

Your Beautiform Aesthetics® Practitioner will check your treatment area and skin to ensure that the planned outcome has been achieved.

Your follow up appointment is important to us as it presents us with the opportunity to assess and record the results. This information will allow us to further enhance and refine any further treatments that you receive from Beautiform Aesthetics®.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How long do Dermal Filler treatments last?

The effeciveness of dermal filler treatments can vary depending on your own biological make up. Nominally Juvéderm® Ultra range of lip fillers and Volift® for facial lines can last up to a year.

Juvéderm® structural grade fillers, Voluma® and Volux® for the cheeks and jawline respectively, are more dense and can last up to 2 years.

What filler should I use?

Hyaluronic Acid fillers vary in density determining which area they can be used to achieve the desired result, whether that is to provide lift or contouring, create symmetry, or enhance a particular feature such as the lips. Your experienced Beautiform Aesthetics® practitioner will discuss and advise you of the best products to use for your treatment.

Will the injections hurt?

At Beautiform Aesthetics we always use a 'Double numbing technique' using medical grade prescription numbing cream applied prior to your treatment and Juvéderm® dermal fillers containing lidocaine numbing agent. Almost all of our clients report a pain level between 2 and 4 out of 10 during treatment!

How do I maintain my aesthetic treatment?

Everyone is different but it is recommended for you to return to your practitioner for a top up 6 to 9 months after initial treatment for lip volumisation and facial lines.

To maintain structural fillers such as Voluma® for cheeks and Volux® for jawline and chin area, a year is the recommended period to return to your practitioner for a top up.